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Vinegar and egg anti- geriatric treatment neurodermatitis

by admin on Dec.12, 2011, under Chinese Herbal Diet

can prevent elderly patients are often jealous egg buck. and soften the blood vessels and other lipid-lowering effect. Production Methods: The high-quality rice vinegar 200 ml into the cup and then the egg wash and put into vinegar. After two or three days. eggshell is softened. remaining thin layer of skin and swelling of the eggs. chopsticks to the skin prick. the egg white egg yolk and vinegar, stir and serve. vinegar, egg points 5 to 7 days served a day morning empty stomach once each time with water and turned into 2 to 3 times to add a little dose of honey and mix thoroughly.
rule neurodermatitis take two eggs. disinfected with alcohol after the shell. into a clean bottle in. add vinegar. to swamp eggs for the degree. cover the bottle. 7 to 10 days after soaking Remove the eggs would be to remove the shell. then you can mix into sterilized bottles. treatment. first the affected area wash with warm water and then applied to the affected area with cotton balls dipped in medicine a day morning and evening every time repeatedly apply 1 to 2 minutes about 5 times normal paint can be effective drugs. up to 20 times can be cured. Notes: to keep the affected area clean. Avoid using cold water.


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