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Ginger foot bath, cold hands and feet treatment: Encyclopedia says

by admin on Oct.14, 2010, under TCM Prescription

Zhang Hunan Satellite TV on the border of the original 2010-10-13 Encyclopedia of women said that the correct physical conditioning guide

feet ginger recipe: ginger juice 100 ml, 2400 ml of rice wine, salt, 100 grams of attention (it must be a ginger, you can use white wine instead of wine twenty degrees)

the first day without heating the material with their feet or twenty minutes into the bucket and then poured into 2400 ml of warm water foot bath twenty minutes

water the first day of the next day repeat the first day of action left, put drainage material

change the water after the third day, three times a day bubble
The role of ginger feet
: You can promote blood circulation, remove insomnia, dysmenorrhea, gout, migraine headaches, cold hands and feet to solve the problem.

ginger is generally not more than seven feet, cold hands and feet in particular, the absolute effective the next day can sweat

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